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Katjana is based in Munich and working everywhere. She loves cold arctic surroundings and any place where the waves are close. Extreme conditions and adventures are always a good destination for a new project. Beside report, travel and portrait photography Katjanas focus is also on lifestyle and  fashion photography.
Her photo clients include Land Rover , Red Wing Shoes, NZZ Stil Magazin, The Alps Magazine, Handelsblatt,  Glamour Magazine, Bergwelten, Freundin, Cosmopolitan, Skoda Magazin, Nido, The Weekender, ADAC Travel Magazine, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine & Burda & Condè Nast Publishers, Territory, BMW The Ecoist,  Phil & Lui, Agentur 2, Wort und Bild Verlag
Please click here for my Photo Direction Potfolio http://katjanafrisch.com/photo-direction

Copyright Portrait : Tobias Leyendecker