5/4 Asturias – Monster

I am on my way to Salinas to live 4 days with Edu. I met him a year ago in sunny California.
Edu, quite and reflective, is living for his profession : Edu is shaping surfboards in a very dedicated sense. His boards have a modern design mixed with individual shapes from long to short boards.
He is living up on the hill in an old house with no heater: the MONSTER villa. In the mornings you wake up from the tasty flavor of self made bread in your nose. In the dark you can see the light in Edu´s shape room till late night, while he is finishing another board for any person out in the wide world.
Asturias in the north of Spain is still cold in spring and it has a lot of rain, but always waves; if you are able to find them. There are not many people who know how to read the wind and the ocean. That means lonley beaches with waves that are breaking only for Edu. It´s a surrounding of beautiness and industry. While sitting on your neon board in the water you see the factories on the beach breathing dark smut out of their pipes.
As an asturian surfer 5/4 is your number and being wet before surfing is quite normal.

Published in Wilderness Magazine 17